Helmet Finder is a portal which helps people find the best helmet for their needs. We spend huge time researching the product, its build quality, and a lot of other things which we’ve mentioned in our helmet buying guide before publishing a post on our website. There’s not a single post on this website which is posted without deep research.

Our team includes people who’ve been in this industry for more than a decade, Some of them are professional racers, some of them have worked in helmet companies and some of them are still work in known helmet manufacturing companies and take extensive feedback from our readers and work on giving perfect shape to the upcoming helmet models.

What is our AIM?

The sole aim of Helmet Finder is to help people find the best helmets. However, this isn’t as easy it sounds. This requires us to deep dive into the products, their reviews and the customer feedback before publishing it on our website. Once we’re satisfied with every product suggestion, we publish it on our website.

Want to help other people in the world find the best helmet? Go to our contact page, fill the form and we’ll contact you or you can simply send us your review on our email contact@xavierboog.com. It doesn’t matter if your english is bad, our editors are here and would surely reward you with a gift if the review is worth a read.

How was it formed?

Our Founders have been in this industry for long and that’s why a lot of people in their connections keep asking about the best quality product. So a thought struck our founders, it was, The below thought is the only reason why you see this website live.

“If there are these many people who wants information about helmets in our circle, there surely would be huge number of people all-over the world who would need a guide.”

Best Motorcycle Helmets

Our Mission

The helmet industry is one of the most growing industries in the world, back in time people didn’t wear an helmet, but now they don’t just wear helmets, they do look for good quality helmets. The ones which can protect their head during accidents.

It isn’t just suggesting good quality helmets, but also taking suggestions from the members of the site and community and reaching out companies with the feedback to help them manufacture better quality helmets.

We’re actively reaching out to people in developing nations and developed nations and increasing awareness about helmets to people don’t use it. (Take part in our initiative)